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Ellen Jannol
Joseph "Joey" A Jannol
March 16 1993 - August 27 2011

Doing Magic at Ben's Bar Mitzvah


Joey a few minutes old 3/16/93


Ben helping change Joey's diaper


Daniel holding Joey for the 1st time


Ben, Ellen, Daniel & Joey 3/17/93


Joey's Going Home for the first time


newborn Joey


Joey 8 months old


Joey 1st Birthday 3/16/94


Joey roughly 5 years old


Grandpa Carl, Grandma Rose, Joey, & Ben Joey's 1st Birthday


Joey with the Grandparents & Great Grandma Fanny


Toddler Joey


Joey and his 1st girlfriend


Joey & Ellen


Joey asleep with Peaches--No she is not eating his head, lol


Joey hugging Rosie


Joey and Ellen with dogs


The Jannol Men at High Tea


Joey at Chevys 12/7/10


Joey and Grandma Rose


Joey getting Avastin Nov 2010


Uncle Les, Joey, Grandma Rose, and & Aunt Mary


Joey taking nap after radiation


Joey taking picture of me taking picture


Joey & Jackson- Tenacious D fundraiser


Joey and Natalie


Joey Holding Natalie


Joey hair starting to fall out from radiation


Joey getting in position for radiation on trilogy linear accelerator


Joey after pt/ot summer 2010


Joey in Oxnard 8/10


Joey in Oxnard 8/10


At the Hollywood Bowl 9/10


Joey's fauxhawk


at We Can Family Camp, 11/10


Joey after biopsy 5/10


Joey the night before starting chemo/radiation


Joey radiation right before they put his mask on


Joey and his maracas


Mickey & Joey


Joey and his Maracas 2


Joey & Ellen @ CCP Idol


Not sure what he's doing here, but it's definitely a very goofy Joey


Ellen & the boys taking a nap


looks like a pretty nice dinner




bath time


Ben, Danny, & Joey


Mickey and the boys


more of the 3


Ben, Joey & Daniel




He's definitely being a flirt here


Getting ready for a road trip I think


In Monterey near our favorite family photo spot


one of our first cruises


Another photo of Joey Monterey CA


the family at our annual picture spot, Monterey CA


Joey in the ball pit at OT


caught in the act



Bens party at Shakeys (he and Spencer G had a joint birthday there)


Ben & Joey in San Diego


Ellen & Joey


Joey by the computer


He was in to computers from the beginning


The boys @ Emek- Chanukah 1998 or so


Chanukah on Martha Street


Toddler Joey


1st day of nursery school (Emek)


Not sure what Danny said to Joey, but he's getting the "look" from Joey


Ellen & the Boys


Another picture of the boys together


Joey rolling down the hill


in front of Nintendo in Washington 2006


At Frostig, Academic Fair?


Joey, Ellen & Danny on one of the cruises


Danny, Ellen & Joey


Joey at Emek, notice his girlfriend is right there next to him again :)


Grandpa David, ellen & Joey, and Grandma Goldy


Disneyland? Toontown?


love the smile


Another Frostig academic fair (?) picture


Joey's Bar Mitzvah, 8/23/11 Orange CA, Rabbi Abend & Joey


Joey at UCI


Cruising with the family


Daniel Ellen & Joey


Mickey & the boys at Haskel's Bar Mitzvah


Joey's Birthday- Beth Hillel


At High Tea Cottage 8/5/2010


Mr. Fixit



Joey celebrating birthday at Passageway



At Golan


Danny & Joey


Danny & Joey


in Front of Digipen up in Seattle


In front of Healthbridge 6/11


Citywalk, Universal City CA


City Walk, Universal City CA


Lego Land


Joey and Daniel on Martha Street


Joey & Daniel in the kitchen


Joey & Ellen 2008 (?) Alaska Cruise


Joey, Ben & Ellen up in Juneau AK


Joey Ben & ellen in Juneau AK


Pepper & Joey in the living room


This is one of the last shots of Joey after surgery/before the seizures


One of the last pictures of Joey before the seizures or ? hit him


A week later- what a difference :(


In the Neuro ICU @ UCI July 2011


Mickey holding Joey's hand Neuro ICU @ UCI


Thumbs up- June 2011


Mickey & Ellen with Joey at UCI Neuro ICU


Joey at Healthbridge, before the pneumonia


Joey at Healthbridge before he got sick and had to go back to UCI


some of the cards from his classmates



Ellen & Joey , hands together


Joey at Viking Museum, Oslo, Norway


Daniel, Ben, Mickey & Joey Viking Museum, Oslo, Norway


Joey Oslo, Norway


Joey in our room at Ice Hotel, Kierkenes, Norway


Getting our sleeping bags for our night at the Ice Hotel, Kierkenes Norway 2/11


Arriving in Oslo, 2/11


Ellen & Joey UCI Neuro ICU 7/11


sad Joey Healthbridge Children's Hospital 7/11


Thumbs up- Healthbridge Children's Hospital 7/11


The Ashes & Jannol's on one of our first cruises


Ben, Jake & Joey painting fire hydrant @ Aetna & Maryellen


Joey & friend Matthew


Ben & Joey White Sands, NM


Joey & Daniel Rte 66 somewhere in AZ


Joey aslee on the couch with Baguette, the crazy poodle


More of Ben, Jake, & Joey painting the Fire Hydrant


Joey Beth Hillel


Ben V, Mr. B, and Joey at Mr. B's house, San Diego


Grandma rose and boys on way up to Oregon


Daniel's birthday , Joey is eyeballing that cake


Cory, Daniel, Ben, & Joey, J-Ville OR on the deck


Joey at his Fossil birthday party


Joey & Ms. K at Beth Hillel


The Verheiden's, Mr. B and Joey


Assorted pics of Joey


Joey & JT at Valley Glen Picnic


Joey and Lisa


Joey & Aunt Fran--they loved to play cards together


Daniel, Ben & Joey in front of the Book Repository in Dallas, TX


Joey at White Sands, NM


The morning after Ben's Bar Mitzvah


Boys in Newport Beach, CA


Joey Legoland


Joey and Peaches (Ellen & Pepper too) at Nutts for Mutts


Joey doing raspberries




Joey & Sunny


There was a time he wouldn't let us take his picture...


Joey & Naty at Ben's Bar Mitzvah reception


Miramar Air Show


More Miramar Air Show


Part of the MAW Wish Granting Party


Socks! the MAW bonus gifts


The yummy Red Velvet Cake that they brought for the MAW Wish Granting Party


A warm shirt for Norway







So long folks...


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